Bolingey v Truro, St. Austell,  Roseland

Sunday 10th November

Truro, St. Austell , Roseland: 10-11-19

On remembrance Sunday the teams and spectators showed their respect with a minute’s silence before the match. This fixture witnessed the visitors running in 5 tries to 3, on count back the first time referee Richard Conybeare made it = 8 tries, divided by 2 = 4 each, therefore a worthy draw! The third half continued back at the Bolingey Inn with a raffle, auction and the start of the pickle run, £1 if you do, £1 if you don’t. Three new caps; referee, Richard Conybeare, Matt White (Newquay) and Shaun Roseveare (Truro). A good sing song took place and £697 was raised on the day.




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