Sowenna Unit Bodmin

Cornwall’s very first Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) unit is accepting its first patients.

The £11m unit run by Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CFT) is now taking admissions of boys and girls up to the age of 18 and is located at the Bodmin Hospital site.
It has been commissioned by NHS England and NHS Improvement under a national strategy to move beds closer to the people who need them.
The new 14 bed unit means that for the very first time children and adolescents have access to specialist mental health beds in the county. This initiative delivers on NHS England’s commitment to reduce out of area placements for children and young people by improving access to beds whilst strengthening community services, so that any admission is for the shortest period of time.
It is reported that one in 10 children aged five to 16 have a mental health condition. Most young people who are experiencing mental health difficulties are treated and supported within the community, however sometimes for those with severe mental health problems, often with accompanying high risk, require specialist inpatient care.
Historically, these have only been available in units which are a considerable distance from homes, visits and support from family and friends, which play a key element in people’s recovery, especially in the case of children.
Dr Barbara Vann, CFT Chair commented: “Sowenna is the outcome of much hard work by many people but I would like to thank particularly the young people who have acted as our advisors from the very beginning of this journey; they have worked hard to bring their thoughts to fruition. We all still have much to do but Sowenna makes an outstanding statement about how much we value our young people and their families.


Bolingey Barbarians have donated £5,547.00 which enabled the unit to furnish the gym with exercise equipment.


Dr Barbara Vann, CFT Chair, receives a plaque from Bolingey Barbarian Chairman Roger Mead.

Members of the committee visited Sowenna on their open day on 6th September 2019.




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